Legal typo of the week

From a recently-filed document in Frazier v Honeywell Pension and Savings Plan... The howler, which was picked up by US legal blog Above the Law overnight, recalls this classic Curb Your Enthusiasm clip — hat tip to Joe Patrice. For more legal misspellings, Nigel Poole QC has compiled a list of memorable mistakes.

10 law firm ads that are so bad they’re good

By bringing in international ad agency M&C Saatchi to market its services to the public, personal injury giant Slater & Gordon has flouted law firms' tradition of making their own endearingly unprofessional ads. Here are ten of the worst... Bethnal Green's finest, Malik Law Chambers, has won cult status on YouTube with their, er, imaginative,... Read more »

Exeter University confirms that it was one of its professors who had his law lecture remixed

As universities return for autumn, beware, lecturers, of the smartphone-wielding student with video-editing skills. And, in this age of limited privacy, beware too of your identity subsequently being revealed on Twitter after you have become a YouTube hit. Exeter University confirmed to Legal Cheek this morning the accuracy of the above tweet. Professor James Devenney... Read more »

Video: Judge punches judge in Mexican courtroom brawl

A senior Mexican judge is facing possible impeachment after he attacked fellow judges during a televised hearing last week. A video of the incident has since appeared on YouTube... Morelos state appeals court head Miguel Angel Falcon took the extraordinary decision to resort to violence after being angered by comments made by one of his... Read more »

‘F*ck you!’ — ‘that’s 300 days!’: Judge keeps upping insolent defendant’s contempt of court sentence as insults spew forth

A furious US judge increased a defendant's contempt of court sentence seven times as she argued with him during a video arraignment earlier this month. A clip of the extraordinary bust-up has since found its way onto YouTube... The defendant, Ebony Burks, initially committed contempt of court after refusing to comply with a non-contact order... Read more »

Are there really no lawyers called Charmaine or Kylie?

Ex-Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins reckons that the legal profession is an area of life that is free from working class names. "Well the lawyers I work with, I can’t think of a single Charmaine, nor a Kylie," said Hopkins on ITV's This Morning, having revealed that she won't let her kids play with children with... Read more »

Non-practising barrister behind controversial essay writing company rebrands as self-help guru

A pupillage-less Bar graduate who made millions of pounds selling essays to students has launched a new service to help rich clients find happiness by spending time with him., which endeavours to "remove suffering" via the attainment of "bliss", sees Gray's Inn member Barclay Littlewood (pictured) charge himself out at an incredible £6,000 per... Read more »

Morning round-up: Thursday 20 June

Judge accepts testimony from Michael Jackson's "ghost" in court [Now] Moral Maze: Pornography and the Internet, featuring "Obscenity Lawyer" Myles Jackman [BBC  Radio 4] Ex-Man City star to train as a lawyer [Manchester Evening News] Road rage leads to ridiculous physical fight between lawyer and retired policeman [Jalopnik] Incredibly glamorous Russian lawyer makes "Carine Patry... Read more »

Wannabe lawyer in vile Dunkin’ Donuts rant

Note to law students: avoid becoming carried away by a newfound knowledge of "your rights" in a way that leads you to storm into a branch of Dunkin' Donuts, confront its employees for failing to provide you with a receipt, then racially abuse them in the most extreme and unpleasant terms. And if for any... Read more »