Small claims update: horse sh*ts in court


Whether it was a comment on the quality of the legal argument or just an overwhelming desire to answer the call of nature, an Ohio courtroom was recently faced with a messy problem Surely this doesn’t happen very often — even in Ohio. A small claims hearing in the Cleveland suburb of Berea was interrupted… Read more »

Legal executive chief leads lawyers in ice bucket challenge


Jury still out on whether Justice Secretary Grayling as well as Law Society and Bar Council top dogs will get wet They may have spent years being dismissed by solicitors and barristers as the invisible branch of the legal profession, but today legal executives took a front-row-centre spot in the professional firmament by leading the… Read more »

Too many lawyers? Blame the bankers

Gordon Gekko back for the global recession

The rocketing number of law graduates — and the topsy-like growth of the legal profession over the last generation — has got The Times worried. But the numbers aren’t as simple as they seem