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The legal profession’s first tweets

It's easy to forget that today's highly-accomplished legal Twitterati members were once callow social media debutantes — with a limit on how far back archived tweets could be searched facilitating the amnesia. However, this limit has just been scrapped, and it's now possible to find out people's first ever tweets via a monitoring service called... Read more »

The 15 best mini-pupil selfies of the summer

Trawlers of Instagram and Twitter will doubtless have noticed that the social media trend of the summer appears to be none other than selfie photos taken by young wannabe lawyers as they go about their mini-pupillages. We harvested the best ones...

Beware the Twitter wrath of the disgruntled mini-pupil

A mini-pupil has given a memorable demonstration of work experience disenchantment in the social media age, taking to Twitter on Wednesday to detail his pain at being "abandoned" by the barrister he was shadowing. The full rant — with the author's identity concealed — is below... It began so well. But the next day things... Read more »

The legal profession has a problem with fake Twitter followers too

As regular Legal Cheek readers will know, the problem of fake Twitter followers — identified in Monday's Dispatches documentary on the manipulation of social media — extends to the legal profession. Over the last couple of years we have outed some of the law firms, chambers and individual lawyers with an unusually high proportion of... Read more »

Tuckers senior partner says it’s ‘not my job 2 care about justice’ and that he couldn’t ‘give a flying f… about anybody else’

After David Dickinson look-a-like (and Tuckers Solicitors senior partner) Franklin Sinclair showed off his Jaguar again on recently-concluded ITV documentary The Briefs, it was a matter of time before the backlash began. Somewhat surprisingly, though, it hasn't come from the Daily Mail, but rather Sinclair's fellow legal aid lawyers, who have been goading him of... Read more »

Criminal Bar Association Takes Swipe At ‘Dickhead’ Law Student

On Easter Sunday, anonymous Twitter sensation @LawVicissitudes tweeted this cheekily blasphemous gag: What people don't realise is that after you sell your soul to become a lawyer, you earn enough money to buy a new one! #LawStudentProblems — Law Student Problems (@LawVicissitudes) March 31, 2013 It was generally very well-received, getting 101 retweets and 33... Read more »

The Anonymous Twitter Account Causing A Storm Among Nation’s Law Students

Law students don’t get out much, preferring instead to pour their energies into work – and procrastination. Enter @LawVicissitudes, an anonymous Twitter account which is causing a storm among British wannabe lawyers. Since launching less than two months ago, @LawVicissitudes has rapidly hauled in over 4,000 followers, with retweets of its pithy one-liners about what's... Read more »

1KBW divorce barrister offers priest work experience

"I should very much like to be a barrister so I could say things like 'I put it to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury' and wear a bow tie," tweeted celeb priest Richard Coles on Friday. To which he received this helpful response from 1KBW's Philip Marshall QC... Thanks to Kim Evans (aka... Read more »

Tooks QC Distances Himself From Colleagues’ ‘Ground Breaking’ How-To-Get-A-Pupillage Money Making Venture – But Mansfield Still Scheduled To Speak

On Friday we revealed that the directors of the company behind an event charging wannabe barristers for pupillage application advice are Tooks Chambers barristers Naeem Mian and Sultana Tafadar. Not keen to be associated with such behaviour, one of Tooks' star silks, Hugh Southey QC, today took to Twitter with the aim of distancing himself... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 17 January

In defence of the existing law on social media [UK Criminal Law Blog] High street firms in ‘increasingly precarious’ position [Solicitors Journal] International Criminal Court snowman [Mark Kersten on Twitter] Solicitor finally paid for Chinese vase after long legal battle… but only gets half of the £50m it went for at auction [Mail Online] Betfair... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 14 January

Allen & Overy chief backs apprenticeships  "so long as standards are upheld" [The Independent] Drop out fails in bid to auction his name on eBay – despite dropping price [Thomson Reuters] January Blues [Jamie Anderson on Twitter] From law firm managing partner to organising activity tours in southern Tuscany [Manchester Evening News] Solicitors 'ran immigration scam... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

President of the Law Society: “If career progression was based on pure merit, some male business leaders and law firm senior partners would never even have seen the paintings on the boardroom wall" [Evening Standard] Is Leveson inquiry interrogator Robert Jay making return to public life? [The Guardian] "Those new personalised Facebook status messages are... Read more »

Boyfriend Of Solicitor ‘Told Not To Have A Relationship Or Babies’ By Her Boss Goes On The Social Media Offensive

The boyfriend of solicitor Kate Baker has weighed into the row surrounding her sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal claims against Devon law firm Follett Stock. Social media manager Tristan Rothwell (pictured left) began by identifying himself on LinkedIn as "the person she was having the relationship with!"... He then turned to Twitter to... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 10 January

Delhi gang rape lawyer says 'no respectable woman' would be raped [Huffington Post UK] 'An aid for your daily Twitter experience: Orwell's Two Minute Hate (remarkably prescient if you watch it)' [David Allen Green via Twitter] Woman Bar leader sees end of ‘fat cat’ image [The Times] Birmingham Law Centre faces the axe after a... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 19 December

Posters of offensive messages on Twitter or Facebook less likely to face criminal charges, under new guidelines set out by Keir Starmer QC [Huffington Post] Positive reaction so far to the new Twitter and Facebook social media prosecution guidelines from top media lawyers [Twitter] Online comment crimes: Key cases [BBC News] Mario Balotelli's legal challenge... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

DPP's interim guidelines for social media prosecutions embargoed til midnight. But Twitter Joke Trial barrister gives hint about their content [John Cooper QC on Twitter] UK Bill of Rights Commission fails to reach consensus [The Guardian] The Bill of Rights Commission report: a modest proposal [UK Human Rights Blog] I am deleting my Instagram account... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 18 December

Commission on a Bill of Rights BINGO [UK Human Rights Blog] Slaughter and May solicitor warns top football clubs [City AM] Gay marriage: divorces over adultery face legal challenge [The Telegraph] Only a few days until Christmas! Make sure you're aware of a law firm's opening hours...? [Ellisons Solicitors via Twitter] Wrongly accused: ‘a lack... Read more »