Judge issued formal advice over ‘political’ social media posts

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Could have brought judiciary into ‘disrepute’, says bench watchdog

A judge has been issued with formal advice on his conduct after posting political comments online.

Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) said William Waldron QC, a recorder of the crown and county courts, was found to have “posted political comments on social media which could have brought the judiciary into disrepute”.

A spokesperson for the JCIO said:

“In reaching their decision, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice took into consideration that Recorder Waldron QC accepted responsibility for his actions and gave assurances as to his future conduct.”

The JCIO did not disclose what the judge said in the posts.

The news comes just weeks after a fellow member of the bench, judge Jinder Singh Boora, was issued a formal warning over his use of “inappropriate language” at a private event.

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What did he say



Is this all the JCIO have to do ? Maybe deal with the judges who constantly feel the need to bully advocates.



And LiPs.



And other judges. See recent sexual harassment of judge Tolson.



It is better if judges have no pylbic profile at all. In fact I don’t even think their photos should be issued nor that they be allowed to give speeches of any kind or interviews.

Also we live in such McCarthy-ist times people are better off not saying much at all with friends or in public.


Jonny Simmons

The problem is barristers never know when to keep their mouths shut …


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