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BSB mulls removing caps on exam resits

Trials move with BPP

Aug 7 2023 9:16am

Government launches free legal advice scheme for homeowners and renters at risk of eviction

Law Society highlights concerns over effectiveness

Aug 4 2023 8:53am

Study reveals law as one of the most jargon-filled professions

Do you know your mens rea from your actus reus?

Aug 2 2023 6:12am
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Slaughter and May increase SQE maintenance grants

£17 ↗️ £20k

Aug 2 2023 6:08am

Would you let strangers ‘roast’ your CV?

An increasing number aspiring lawyers are posting their achievements online for others to critique 🔥

Aug 1 2023 9:27am

Sadiq Khan says he changed his accent at law school to ‘sound posher’

Becoming a lawyer and parliamentarian felt 'light years away' from experiences growing up, London mayor explains on podcast

Jul 31 2023 11:39am
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Virtual law school launches ‘Open to All Scholarship’

Law Training Centre's new grants can be put towards a range of law courses, including SQE

Jul 31 2023 10:36am

Freshfields confirms it will no longer publish its financial results

Revenue and partner profits up in final figures to media

Jul 26 2023 2:28pm

CMS records 80% autumn trainee retention rate

48 out of 60 rookies take NQ roles

Jul 26 2023 9:51am

Secret Barrister gives Taylor Swift the law treatment

🎵I think he did it but I just can’t prove it🎵

Jul 25 2023 10:21am

DWF’s £342 million takeover edges closer

Listed giant receives all-cash offer from private equity firm

Jul 24 2023 6:59am

A bride apparently wants to namecheck top law school in her wedding vows

'Til death (or BigLaw) do us part...

Jul 21 2023 10:00am

CMS and Simmons raise NQ lawyer salaries

£105k and £107.5k

Jul 21 2023 8:58am

Don’t use dating apps to cheat on your partners, lawyers warned

Anonymous blogger tells solicitors to be mindful of online behaviour

Jul 20 2023 8:56am

Trainee solicitor competes in Miss Universe GB comp

Challenges included walking over broken glass

Jul 19 2023 9:56am