Tag: Career Conundrums

I have a learning difficulty and am gay – will I succeed at the bar?

The legal profession and its true approach to diversity

Oct 7 2016 10:58am

Was I wrong to accept my legal assistant role?

Maybe I should've headed straight for a training contract

Sep 13 2016 12:37pm

To weave or not to weave that is the question

I can’t afford a new weave but my natural hair may be too much

Sep 7 2016 11:21am

Do I stick it out in a job I hate or do an unpaid internship in an area of law I love?

Fight or flight, I need to make my decision by the end of the week

Aug 31 2016 10:02am

Does age matter when it comes to applying for training contracts?

I just don't know what I'm supposed to do about it

Aug 16 2016 12:55pm

My training contract has been mis-sold to me: What do I do?

Dream job isn’t what it says on the tin

Aug 9 2016 10:12am

Here’s my CV — will I get a training contract?

I'm desperate to stand out but I just don't know how

Aug 4 2016 11:01am

Do my (unspectacular) first year results matter?

If so, how do I sweep my low 2.1 under the carpet?

Jul 13 2016 10:01am

I suffer from depression: should I even bother to apply for vac schemes?

Please don't tear me apart for asking

Jun 1 2016 10:08am

Can you make it to the magic circle without a Russell Group degree?

And even if you do, will your partnership prospects be damaged?

May 11 2016 12:57pm

How do you play a networking event?

The debatable usefulness of small talk over a glass of wine

Mar 17 2016 2:25pm

‘I’m a disillusioned science PhD: should I do the GDL?’

Career salvation as a lawyer, potentially...

Jan 12 2016 2:19pm

Do I need to chop off my pink tips to ace my TC interview?

Trendy haircuts and law firms

Dec 11 2015 9:32am

‘I want to be a lawyer — but not a corporate lawyer: is there hope for me?’

The message from law fairs is that it's City law or bust

Nov 24 2015 10:36am

Is regional experience valued by City law firms?

Stick to the regions, or take a chance on London...

Nov 13 2015 10:45am

Is doing a masters worth the cash?

Avoid the real world for another year -- and impress law firms in the process. Or maybe not...

Nov 6 2015 11:18am