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How do I tell my training firm I’m accepting an NQ position elsewhere?

One soon-to-be associate needs readers' help

Dec 17 2018 12:40pm

I am quitting my high-flying advertising role to chase my barrister dream

Are there any specific types of legal experience which look more impressive than others?

Nov 29 2018 10:17am
tattoo barrister lawyer

‘Will my tattoos stop me from becoming a barrister?’

I’ve been told I should be fine, but I'm not so sure

Oct 17 2018 10:41am

How do I fund my Oxbridge law dream?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Sep 18 2018 11:58am

Will the SQE damage my chances of securing a training contract as a non-law grad?

I want to study politics -- but is it more worthwhile applying for an LLB?

Aug 24 2018 11:03am

‘I am a US grad relocating to England — should I study the GDL or wait for the super-exam?

I’d really appreciate readers’ advice or suggestions

Aug 3 2018 11:05am

Are all barristers as rude as the ones I work with?

One junior clerk hopes there are nicer lawyers out there

Jul 20 2018 10:30am

Will studying law at The Open University stop me securing pupillage?

Career changer mulls impact of law school choice on barrister dream

Jul 10 2018 12:19pm

I’m about to go to uni to study psychology — should I reapply to a harder subject?

A-level student mulls impact of degree choice on future legal career

Jun 27 2018 10:11am

Are all Russell Group unis valued equally by firms?

I have offers to study law at two but don't know which to choose

Jun 7 2018 10:24am

My training contract isn’t what I thought it’d be — what now?

Wondering if there is a life outside law

May 9 2018 10:51am

Should I tell law firms I have Asperger’s syndrome when applying for vac schemes?

I don’t want them to think I can’t cope with the stress

Feb 2 2018 1:12pm

I run my own business and I’m worried it will impact my training contract chances

I don't want firms to think I won't accept authority

Jan 16 2018 1:32pm

I am worried STEM students will scupper my training contract chances

Do City firms still want law graduates?

Jan 4 2018 2:33pm